My Story

Dr. Benjamin Ritter, internal leadership coach, founder of LFY Consulting

I felt stuck, unfulfilled, and realized that being busy wasn’t the way I wanted to live.



LFY Consulting is based in Chicago, IL, and was founded in 2016 by Dr. Benjamin Ritter - this is his story:

During my undergraduate degree I was personally, professionally, and socially lost.

If I was to pick one thing that caused this time of my life, it would be that I decided to live a life toward one goal. I found my “purpose” and went for it, but in the process of going for it I didn’t care about anything or anyone else, and then I failed.

My tunnel vision led me down a path that ignored my personal and professional health. I missed out on creating positive and strong relationships, on learning how to be social in different situations, on how to choose the right partners, what I really wanted for a career, and even how to make the right choices for my life overall. I had no idea who I truly was, and what I even wanted from life anymore.

I remember my life was filled with countless moments of walking up to a group of people, even those I knew, and saying something to start a conversation or be included in the conversation, only to be blatantly ignored or laughed at.

I remember having no idea what I wanted to do professionally, because the only thing I thought I cared about was gone.

I remember sitting alone in my room, tears running down my face because I didn’t know who or what I was going to do with my life anymore.

I remember the pain of it all, of hitting rock bottom, and that pain is what saved me.

This truly low point motivated me to dive into the fields of interpersonal development, mental health, social psychology, and work towards self-improvement. I had enough of feeling the way I did, losing time and years of my life, and it needed to change, I needed to change.

The next four years of my life were a journey focused on crafting the life I desired for myself personally and professionally. I needed to be better, to become a different person.

There’s one really great side of being achievement oriented, and that’s you get things done. I decided that I needed to learn and grow and that consisted of complete dedication, and countless hours researching, graduate studies, introspection, and practice. When I say practice, I literally mean altering my behavior in personal and professional situations, from everything to how I would dress, to how I would speak to people, to the environments I would force myself to experience.

I worked odd jobs that would test my social comfort zones and full-time professional jobs, on average 60-80 hours a week, and tried anything and everything that came my way. I was basically my own dating coach, life coach, business coach, success coach, leadership coach, you name it.

Eventually, in a serendipitous like moment, I was recruited to work for an organization to help others achieve the evolution I was implementing for myself, I became a professional coach, and this opportunity planted the seed to help others in a way I wish I was helped in the past.

Fast forward, past countless lessons and moments of growth, and another four years, being dedicated and busy led me to not only running my own coaching company, but also a position in in healthcare working in quality improvement, which made me feel like I was really making a difference. But then I was promoted. It was a great career move, into an executive level position at a major hospital but once the dust settled I realized I didn’t really like my job. I didn’t feel it was meaningful.

I was successful professionally but didn’t feel successful personally. Something was off. I had grown tremendously. I was more confident, social, and successful than ever before but I was stuck. I didn’t really feel that I was at the right job. I started to withdraw and eventually became a disengaged employee. Going through the motions to get through the day but searching for more.

The opportunities seemed endless, but I wasn’t sure what to choose. Who was I really, and where did I want to go with my life? I kept searching and eventually searched myself out of the position I was in toward the meaning I felt I needed. This process cost the organization financially, and affected my own mental and physical health. Looking back, none of that had to happen.

While this was happening I took the time to explore who I was and work on myself. Not trying to improve externally, or trying to improve my internal self to achieve something externally, but really focus on who I was to gain the clarity I needed to take the next big steps for my life.

While still working full-time as a disengaged healthcare executive, and part-time on weekend nights, I went back to school to get my doctorate in Organizational Leadership. I learned how people learned, how leaders were developed, and how to create a curriculum that would encompass both of those areas. Where was this meaning I felt I lost after my promotion? If meaning is an emotion, how can we create an environment to trigger it? How can we create it within ourselves? Also, how can this be a systematic process that works and is sustainable? Then I sat back and really questioned everything I learned and experienced because everyone should be able to feel their work is meaningful. Eventually I found the answers.

That’s when LFY Consulting and the LIVE system were born.

The LIVE system is a unique program based on doctoral research in the fields of learning theory, and curriculum and leadership development that will guide clients in cultivating personal and professional fulfillment. I focused on creating a systematic and research based program because I still needed a program that could constantly be applied to my life, because life isn’t constant, things change. A system that can be used whenever it’s needed is coaching that can literally last a lifetime.

LFY Consulting focuses on guiding senior leaders and entrepreneurs that have experienced a level of professional success, but don’t feel successful or fulfilled personally. Our clients are seeking more meaning in life and at work. It is my mission to help others cultivate what took me over 8 years to learn on my own, because all I wanted back then in my darkest moments was someone to help me, someone with any answer at all.

I see parts of my journey in each of my clients, and I can feel what they are going through because I’ve gone through it. Our work in one-on-one coaching sessions through Zoom, part video and audio, along with personalized assignments, and follow-up emails, lead them toward building the skills and life that they deserve.

Each day I am grateful for the experiences that have led me to the opportunity to work with people that are struggling with issues that are directly related to my past. I represent that things can change. There is more, and it’s within your grasp.

If you want to learn more about how I can help, please click here to fill out a short questionnaire and sign-up for an informational session.

We will touch base on where you’re at, get to know each other more, see if we are a good fit, and discuss potential programs. I’m looking forward to speaking with you soon, my door is always open.