Thank you to everyone that participated in the August 2015 survey, Your View on Relationships, of 281 people, ages 18 to 45 (98 male, 183 female). Below are graphical representations of the findings of the first section of our survey regarding dating and relationship mentality. 

Initial survey results: 

  • The majority, 93% of men and women stated that their ideal relationship in the next five years would be exclusive, dating or marriage, and 77% stated it would be their ideal relationship now.

  • 72% of men and women are also, always or most of the time, dating with the goal of finding an exclusive relationship.

  • 67% of men and women both stated that they don’t believe that other people were seeking exclusive relationships.

  • 70% of women and 50% of men stated they had a negative outlook on dating.

  • Men and women define the initial phases of a relationship differently.

  • Men and women are choosing to be in relationships in the short term that do not match their desired relationship.


Ironically, the majority of respondents, men and women, stated they desired and were seeking an exclusive relationship, but don’t believe others want the same, and are choosing relationships that are not their ideal relationships. Gender differences in responses and negativity surfaced when they were asked to view relationships experienced in the initial stages. This implies that the differences in defining status, and the types of new relationships people choose to experience may be what leads to disappointment. Without both partners and yourself being on the same page with your ideal relationship, it’s not surprising that it ends in negativity. Analysis of the survey data shows dating and relationships could be improved by a clearer definition of expectations, choosing your ideal relationship type, and communication overall. To find what we are looking for in a relationship, it’s important to figure out what are you and your partner are looking for in your relationship at its current stage, and if that is possible together.

Your View on Relationships (sample survey excluding demographics)