My Story


It all started when…

My story is an example of being motivated by pain, acting to solve that pain, and evolving along the way. The greatest moments of pain that motivated me to act occurred when I was in undergrad. My personal life felt like it was in shambles. I felt alone, ostracized, and “uncool.” That feeling you get when the cool kids don’t want you to sit with them at the lunchroom table. “You can’t sit with us” was a phrase I felt encompassed my life. My professional life was also crumbling in a variety of ways. I was in the process of losing my sense of purpose due a combination of confidence issues and talent in collegiate sports, and at the same time the university I was attending canceled my major. This time in my life drove me to dive into the fields of interpersonal development, mental health, and social psychology and work towards self-improvement.

The next four years were a journey focused on crafting the life I desired for myself personally and professionally. It consisted of countless hours researching, graduate studies, introspection, and practice. When I say practice, I literally mean altering my behavior in personal and professional situations, from everything to how I would dress, to how I would speak to people. Eventually, in a serendipitous like moment, I was recruited to work for an organization to help others achieve the evolution I was implementing for myself.

Six years later, I am unbelievably fulfilled. I completed my doctorate in Organizational Leadership and coaching, and launched Live for Yourself Consulting, where I work with individual clients on personal and professional development through the LIVE system and work with organizations on executive retention strategies. I am the author of two books, The Essentials – a pocketbook for men on dating and relationships, and The Live for Yourself Journal – a workbook/guidebook for individuals to work on cultivating alignment and achieving fulfillment through the LIVE system, host of The Live for Yourself podcast, and LIVE events, and creator of The Breakup Supplement – an all natural mood enhancer.

Each day, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with others on cultivating personal and professional alignment, to ultimately achieve fulfillment.