How texting is ruining your life

Your mind treats using the phone as an extension of your reality. You are literally experiencing, physically and mentally, everything that happens to you through your phone. For example, when you text your mind is transported into a type of “matrix” made up of the person/people you are texting and the emotions of the exchange.

The emotions you are experiencing due to your text messages can affect you mentally and physically in your present situation. When a connection is stressful you are actually experiencing the same physiological response to stress as if you were physically in the situation. How many times a day are you lost in your own “matrix,” and how often is it a negative or stressful?

The accessibility of the phone makes it incredibly easy to become affected by other areas of your life that are not right in front of you. The only way to prevent the affect is to cut off the technological extension of your reality. Physically leaving a stressful situation does not have a positive affect if you stay connected to it through your phone.

Stop allowing stress to follow you throughout your day. Turn your phone off, temporarily block a specific person, and be present in life. Unplug from the matrix, reconnect to reality, your friends, and ultimately greater levels of personal happiness.

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